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The door stands open, but the heart even more so!

The Eberbach Monastery invites you to take part in this journey. The monastery offers you the opportunity to experience such a journey with all of your senses. Let your eyes be impressed by the simple beauty of our monumental, Romanesque monastery church. Let your ears enjoy the musical pleasure of one of the wonderful concerts held here each year, for example, during the Rheingau Music Festival. Let your taste buds and nose revel in the delicate, fruity taste and aroma-rich bouquet of a noble Riesling wine in the historical "Cabinetkeller". Or enjoy the refreshing, cool atmosphere of the massive lay brothers' refectory on a hot summer day.

Only when you have experienced all of these pleasures have you really been in Eberbach. And then, we are sure, you will return to Eberbach again and again.

Over the centuries since its founding by St. Bernhard, the famous abbot of the Clairvaux reform monastery in Burgundy, the work of the Cistercian monks has had a decisive influence on the prevailing spiritual thinking and the architecture of the buildings erected here. Today, more than 200 years after Napoleon drove the last monks into flight, you can still literally feel the effects of this thinking and architecture with your own hands.

In the past, the monasteries were the building blocks for a network of institutions, which connected all of the European countries, and which formed essential crystallization points for the development of our Western culture. Today, the cultural traditions which originated from these developments are carefully nurtured by the Eberbach Monastery Foundation as a historical legacy and are shared with a large number people through the numerous cultural events held here.

Moreover, monastery architecture as an expression of a special mentality preserves our historical heritage in the form of visible and tangible witnesses of the past. There is no better place in Germany to experience this than here in Eberbach, the only fully preserved, medieval abbey building complex in Germany.
As if in an archive, evidence of the most significant events of our history has been preserved and invites one to go on a trip into the past to find traces of our history. At the same time, it is a trip into the distant past, and perhaps one that will bring us back to our own most personal origins.

Event Rooms

Event Rooms

Here in Eberbach, you can rent many of our impressive halls and splendidly decorated rooms in order to provide the optimum environment for the type of event you are planning.

Event Rooms

Wine Tasting Tours

Wine Tasting Tours

While you are taking a tour, you will be able to experience the monastery with all of your senses. Let your eyes be fascinated by the impressive rooms of the monks' cloister, which once was strictly reserved for the use of the ordained choir monks.

Wine Tasting Tours

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Eberbach Monastery

Founded in the 13th Century the Eberbach Monastery offers visitors a look into another time as well as a chance to taste wine made from the world-famous Steinberg vineyard. And it’s located less than thirty minutes from Wiesbaden.

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