Hold your Meeting in the Offices of the Cistercian Monks

In the early 18th century the largest building in the Kisselbach Valley was updated.  The so-called "Barocketage" (Baroque tier) of the lay brothers' tract was added above the lay brothers' dormitory.

In this tier the monks established private cells which served the purpose of today's "offices", individually designed rooms for carrying out administrative tasks.

Upon completion of the reconstruction project the abbot received his own reception area above his apartment, which was located in the southern head building of the lay brothers' tract. Even today this "Fürstensaal" (Prince's Hall) serves at the centerpiece of the Baroque tier and formerly served as a reception room for important guests.

Because of the spacious design of this individual room, extensive static construction of the attic had to be carried out.

The Baroque tier offers a variety of prestigious conference possibilities on more than 1,000 square meters of floor space, transporting you back to the Baroque period, which even the Eberbach monks could not entirely ignore.

Whether it be a strategic think tank or a large conference, the Eberbach Monastery is the top meeting venue in the Rhine-Main area.

Kleine Räume

The Abbot's Garden House

18 m2, bis 12 Personen

The Abbot's Garden - This garden serves as a visual sign of the development and its associated changes in the former Cisterican Monastery Eberbach in the Rheingau. The garden house and its multilevel […]

Kleine Räume

Libraria (Library)

30 m2, bis 6 Personen

The ideal venue for your think tank. The library provides for a pleasant, comfortable work atmosphere and yet offers the necessary technical standards for efficient project work. The library […]

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Abt Alberich (Abbot Alberich)

31 m2, bis 12 Personen

Used either as a group area or booked for intensive team meetings, the seminar room "Abt Alberich" will help you to facilitate your successful ongoing development. When all is distinct and clear, […]

Kleine Räume

Abt Meffried (Abbot Meffried)

43 m2, bis 30 Personen

Whether it be a press conference, a kick-off presentation or a think tank, in the seminar room "Abt Metfried" you will be able to take major steps toward your goal. Enlightenment is more than pure […]

Kleine Räume

Bernhard Salon

51 m2, bis 40 Personen

The Bernhard Salon serves as a venue for success-oriented staff training, sustainable team building and candid brainstorming combined with a wonderful view of the abbot's garden. Remove yourself now […]

Mittlere Räume

Fürstensaal (Prince's Hall)

87 m2, bis 70 Personen

Individual groups meet in the seminar room in plenum. There is enough space to set up booths for simultaneous translators so that multilingual conferences can be held. Speakers can have personal […]

Mittlere Räume

Brewery and bath house

135 m2, bis 100 Personen

Winegrowing at its finest has always been a subject of special attention at Eberbach. The wine selling business, which extended as far as Cologne, was the essential foundation for the economic […]

Große Räume

Bibliothekssaal (Library Hall)

190 m2, bis 175 Personen

The west wing of the cloister comprises the latest building of the medieval period, constructed at the end of the 15th century. It accommodated the monastery library and is the oldest remaining […]

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