Where Monastery Architecture and the Enjoyment of Wine combine for a Unique Liason!

During our wine-tastings you can experience the monastery with all your senses. We begin with a tour, during which you will learn interesting facts about its eventful history and obtain your first impression of its fascinating atmosphere. 

Let your eyes be captivated by the impressive rooms of the monks' cloister, which were once strictly reserved for the use of the ordained choir monks.

Let your ears be filled with accounts of the Cistercian order and the history of Eberbach. Feel the chill of the historical monastery vaults and the atmospheric wine cellars. And finally, enjoy the fine bouquet and aromatic taste of the wonderful wines served there. All of these wines were produced by the Hessian State Wineries Kloster Eberbach, which today still cultivate a key area of the former monastery vineyards.

List of the wines to be tasted (german)

Open Wine-Tasting

The Open Wine-Tastings are intended to give individuals and smaller groups a convenient opportunity to take part in the pleasure of a wine-tasting at the Eberbach Monastery.

Strolling Wine-Tasting Tour

The Strolling Wine-Tasting offers you a tour through the historical rooms of the monastery accompanied by the tasting of six choice wines.

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