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Illusions exhibition VERTRICKST! in Kloster Eberbach.

Sloping planes, mirror rooms, whimsical birds: From September 24, 2022, everything in the Abbey Museum of Eberbach Abbey will revolve around the theme of "optical illusions"! For one year, the varied illusions exhibition "VERTRICKST!" shows the beginnings of perception research with moving images and kaleidoscopes as well as innovative techniques of augmented reality.

More than 100 exhibits ranging from historical originals to pictures by Mexican artist Yunuen Esparza (born 1975), which only come to life with the right app on a smartphone, take guests young and old on an entertaining tour of optical adventures. The exciting experiences as well as numerous display boards simultaneously impart knowledge about visual phenomena. Room-in-room installations send visitors into dizzyingly slanted rooms or let them become part of surprising spheres and large-format painting prints. In a black-light room, magical 3-D worlds by artist Martin Hartmann (born 1980) peel out of the darkness.

Following the success of last year's PLAYMOBIL family exhibition, the non-profit Eberbach Monastery Foundation is thus taking the step of cultural mediation through an entertaining format for the second time, entirely in keeping with its foundation mission of opening up one of Europe's most famous historical monuments to all generations.

We want to inspire a broad audience with our new show and give all guests a few moments of lightheartedness and cheerfulness - especially in these not necessarily easy times with their daily challenges," says Timo Georgi, Chairman of the non-profit Eberbach Monastery Foundation. "Of course, we are delighted when guests simultaneously perceive our cultural treasure of international rank and can apply and experience their observations in the monastery architecture through the special spatial impressions of the exhibition.

Quite deliberately, the special environment of the Abbey Museum of Eberbach Monastery was used to convey the theme, combining exhibits from the permanent exhibition, which tells the story of the almost 900-year-old Cistercian abbey, with the conversions for the VERTRICKST! show.
The exhibition was put together by the Leipzig agency ATC and runs until September 03, 2023.

It is valid for 2 adults and their children.

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