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Our godparents

Werner Auerbach
Hans-Christian Benze
Martin J. Blach
Erich Braun
Ursula und Jürgen Euteneuer
Peter Fink
Heribert Freimuth
Sabine Gangloff
Dr. Oda Hausmann
Gerald Kink
Jörg Klauke
Melanie Kühlborn-Ebach

Joachim Ludwig
Dr. Mareike Martini
Dr. Felix Pfeiffer
Gerhard und Ingeborg Rabenecker
Dr. Manfred und Isabel Richter
Markus Friedrich Russler
Rudolf Seibert
Ralf Spang
Lutz Speitkamp
Wolfgang Weigel
Annette Wieckowski

The charitable foundation Kloster Eberbach would also like to thank all unnamed godparents for their commitment.



Experience 900 years of history and dive into the impressive world and life of the founders of Kloster Eberbach, the Cistercian monks.

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An inspiring journey through time: the history of the abbey gives you exciting insights into the eventful centuries of the Cistercian abbey.

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Guided Tours and Winetasting

Guided Tours and Winetasting

Our guided tours take you on a journey through time. Enjoy exquisite wines and get to know one of the best-preserved monasteries in Europe.

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