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Der Staatsanwalt (The Public Prosecutor)

In November, an episode of the successful ZDF series "Der Staatsanwalt" (The Public Prosecutor) was filmed. Filming took place in the cloisters, lay refectory and monks' dormitory, and rooms in the baroque floor were transformed into hotel rooms. "Erfolgreich, glücklich, tot" (Successful, Happy, Dead) is about a motivational coach who ends up dead in Saugraben after a seminar. Marco Assmann, the assistant coach, claims to have seen a gardener on the monastery grounds on the evening of the crime. This gardener turns out to be, of all people, Oliver Speer – jealous husband of seminar participant Nadine Speer….

Photos: ZDF/Andrea Enderlein

Der Staatsanwalt - "Erfolgreich, glücklich, tot"


Tobi's Town Trips: Eltville close up!
Perfect short holidays in Rheingau

The hr3 morning show host meets Jasmin Bähr, who shows him the most mysterious places in Kloster Eberbach. She leads him into the treasury, where, among other things, a wine bottle from 1706 is stored.
In the basilica, Tobi meets Sebastian Macho, who shows him the hidden ossuary where the skeletons of many unknown people are stored. Tobi Kämmerer also finds out what is probably the most unusual and beautiful way to spend the night: he tests a small living sphere that stands in the vineyards near the monastery.

Tobi's Town Trips



"Per Rad durch die Republik: Reise durch ein anderes Land" (By bike through the Republic: Journey through another country): For the programme "tagesthemen (Headlines)", ARD reporter Sebastian Kisters filmed a report in Kloster Eberbach and reported on the time after the first lockdown, the impressive cultural monument and the special challenges posed by the Corona crisis.



Film Productions



2008 / 2009, Clasart Film

Producer: Markus Zimmer
Director + Screenplay: Margarethe von Trotta
Premiere: 24/9/2009 (Germany)
Lead actors: Barbara Sukova, Heino Ferch, Hannah Herzsprung and others


"The Name of the Rose"

1985 / 1986, Constantin Film

Producer: Bernd Eichinger (+ 2011)
Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Premiere: 16/10/1986 (Germany)
Lead actors: Sean Connery, Christian Slater and others
Budget (estimated): $17 Million


"Martin Luther" (March 1954)
Produced by Louis de Rochemont and the RD-DR Corporation in cooperation with Lutheran Church Productions and Luther-Film-Gesellschaft M.B.H., this film represents the first American-German co-production after the war. The film was directed by Hollywood director Irving Pichel, who had made his name with horror films and B-movie westerns. German premiere: 4 March 1954.


"Decision before Dawn" (November 1952)
Decision Before Dawn is a 1951 American war film by director Anatole Litvak, based on the novel of the same name (original title: Call It Treason) by George Howe. Prisoners are taught espionage techniques in a convent by a French agent, Monique. The premiere in Germany took place on 14 November 1952.

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Guided Tours and Winetasting

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