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The Foundation

The Foundation's Goals

I. Preservation and development of the historic structure

II. Cultural preservation

III. Opening the site to the public

IV. Representation of the State Government of Hessen

V. Use of the site by third parties

All goals are pursued simultaneously and harmoniously coordinated within the framework of the overall objectives. Where there is a risk of overuse, or where uses conflict with each other, the preservation of the structure and the dignity of the site take precedence over other uses.

Charter of the Foundation

The Charter of the Kloster Eberbach Foundation

Charter of the Kloster Eberbach Foundation (November 1997)

Since October 2008, the Board of the Kloster Eberbach Foundation has expressly committed itself to the accepted "Principles of Good Foundation Practice". This corresponds to an industry ethos and all principles of transparency as well as economic action for the realisation of the Foundation's purpose.

Eberbach Monastery is a European centre for wine enjoyment and culture.
Responsible and luxurious since 1136.

Our Vision

Brand core - Kloster Eberbach

Enthusiasm feeds the soul. Enthusiasm makes us feel alive. Kloster Eberbach is a place that inspires!

For this, we have to thank the monastery founders, who were sent to the Rheingau by Bernhard von Clairvaux in 1136. Their good spirit and inspirational power are still alive and relevant nine centuries later – to carry this forward is our heartfelt concern.

From the very beginning, Kloster Eberbach has been closely associated with wine. The founders brought it with them from their Burgundian homeland. Today, as in the past, the Kloster's domains extend over the best vineyards. Winegrowing has secured the existence of the monastery over the centuries. Monastery and viticulture go well together – especially in Eberbach!


Today, Eberbach Monastery is, for many people, not only a mystical, cultural place for retreat and contemplation. It is also a place where the original monastic ideas are interpreted in an innovative and progressive way and implemented with inspiration and passion.

Kloster Eberbach has shaped the region and continues to do so today. For centuries, the Rheingau was cultivated and progressed culturally from here. Today, the region stands for lifestyle and joie de vivre, for openness and cordiality.

In this, too, we remain faithful to the founders of the monastery. Inspiring people at Kloster Eberbach is our declared goal – inspiring them is our passion!


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Experience 900 years of history and dive into the impressive world and life of the founders of Kloster Eberbach, the Cistercian monks.

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Guided Tours and Winetasting

Guided Tours and Winetasting

Our guided tours take you on a journey through time. Enjoy exquisite wines and get to know one of the best-preserved monasteries in Europe.

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Monastery Shop and Wine Store

Monastery Shop and Wine Store

The former wine press now houses the wine store and monastery shop with their diverse range of wines and goods.

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