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Using the most modern 3D projections - without interfering with the historical substance - we would like to bring the Counts Philipp von Nassau-Weilburg, Johann II and Philipp von Katzenelnbogen to life in the first step by letting them shine again in their original colors and telling the historical connections to the Monastery, the Rheingau and the cultural history.

Support us in realizing this extraordinary project - and thus inspire people with new ideas and formats for our cultural monument and make the Monastery a place of cultural and knowledge transfer for all generations.

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dixitque Deus fiat lux et facta est lux. - And God said: Let there be light! And there was light.

First Book of Moses, chapter 1, verse 3

The Counts of Katzenelnbogen and Nassau

It starts with lighting and spotlights before moving on to the animation of the figures, the coloring of the tumble lids and the explanation of who is to be seen, in order to then vividly depict the economic and political relationships - from the wine trade to the Rhine fleet, the trade network, the estates society and the importance of the Monastery, etc.


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