Getting Married at the Eberbach Monastery

What would be a better setting for making a life commitment than that of the former Cistercian Monastery Eberbach?

Eternity has been assured through its nine-hundred-year-old history. Make a part of this eternity your own and celebrate your wedding in this heart-warming atmosphere of spirituality, history, art and culture. The monastery offers many dignified and romantic locations in which you can make your bond for life.

Getting married at the Eberbach Monastery is really something special!

Here you can structure the experience of your important day to your liking and explore the monastery with your guests. Your wedding at the Eberbach Monastery can be individually arranged according to your wishes and the size of the wedding party. Whether it be a sparkling wine reception surrounded by roses, an exclusive ceremony outdoors or a festive banquet lasting into the morning hours, you can plan your very own dream wedding together with us.

We will gladly advise you in advance, support you from the very beginning of the planning stages and be at your side on your wedding day. Just call the right mentioned phone number.

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