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Overview of our guided tours:

  • Wine tasting tour
  • Culinary wine tasting tour
  • Wine tasting tour with the chorART Rheingau choral school
  • Musical wine tasting tour
  • Musical wine tasting tour with song – solo and without a safety net
  • Traditional wine tasting
  • Cabinet cellar wine tasting
  • Mulled wine guided tour
  • "The Name of the Rose" themed guided tour including welcome wine
  • Kloster Eberbach in the Middle Ages
  • Guided candlelit tour in Kloster Eberbach
  • Candlelight and wine monastery tour
  • "Monastery and Forest Adventure" guided outdoor tour for children
  • Wine experience in the Steinberg cellar

Do you have any questions or suggestions?

Whether you would like to book a guided tour or are interested in our general offers, we will be pleased to help you further.

If you have questions about your next monastery visit or have a specific request that you would like to discuss with us, we are ready to help you via telephone or e-mail. We look forward to your visit!

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Experience special hospitality and enjoy unique tranquillity – at Kloster Eberbach.

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More Ideas for your Visit



Our monastery catering spoils you with honest and down-to-earth dishes from the region: fresh and seasonal, tradition-conscious and contemporary.

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Experience 900 years of history and dive into the impressive world and life of the founders of Kloster Eberbach, the Cistercian monks.

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Monastery Shop and Wine Store

Monastery Shop and Wine Store

The former wine press now houses the wine store and monastery shop with their diverse range of wines and goods.

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